Friday, October 9, 2009

Flip my lid

I have a new collection. This collection is growing at a rapid pace. Special thanks to my mother's strong efforts. And our kitchen renovation.

And yes, as the title suggests, this collection is a collection of lids. Yup, lids. As in those things that you use to seal and cover containers.

My collection has more than doubled since I took this picture about a week ago, but you get the idea.

Now what in the world can you do with lids you ask? Well, lots of things! Here is a list for you:

-Sort them by their properties (students decide these properties).
-Observe their differences, and then similarities.
-Use numbers to count them.
-Group and discuss groupings using vocabulary such as more than, less than, quantity of, etc.
-See how many, counting bears, chips, etc. the various lids hold compared to others (volume).
-Use to hold and distribute things.
-Group by small, medium, large.
-Fun to build with.
-Color matching activities.
-Used as counters.
-Practice tracing.
-And many, many more (leave a comment if you got one!).

See, very useful those lids are. So start your collection today!

P.S. I discovered I have a fellow lid collector, Amy @ Teach Mama. See her posts here, and here.


Kathy said...

Everyone ought to have a collection such as this! : ) Truly, you never know how much fun children can have with them....their imaginations are endless! I found you through Jolanthe's blog, and it looks great!

teachmama said...

Oh my gosh, I want to hug you! Thanks so much for linking back to me, and thank you for the great ideas--you will be a rockin' teacher one day!!

And seriously, your lid collection rivals ours! :*)