Friday, June 12, 2009

10 Things I Learned This Year

1. Teachers are big tree killers. As much as you might want to be a tree hugger, it is impossible if you are also a teacher. Just a one page worksheet for your class equals 30 pieces of paper used.

2. Coffee no longer becomes a every day pleasure. It becomes a every day necessity!

3. Kids always behave if there is a pack of "official people" observing. When they walk in, a hush falls over the class, and as soon as the last one leaves, the room explodes with noise.

4. Electric pencil sharpeners must be one of today's coolest pieces of technology, and kids just can't stay away. At least that's what one can assume after observing how frequently some kids visit it.

5. We need to improve hearing tests. At the rate I repeat myself, I'm beginning to wonder how accurate they are.

6. It is possible to send your entire class to detention.

7. You feel like you're running circles around yourself when writing lesson plans.

8. Everyone knows the answer. That is until you call on them. Then suddenly their brain just stops working. It's a very mysterious condition, which no one seems to be able to explain.

9. Kids are also great story tellers. Until of course it's actually time to do some writing. Again, the brain freeze condition many children seem to be facing needs to really be looked into.

10. Nothing beats 30 kids lined up in front of you... waiting to give you a hug goodbye.

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