Saturday, August 1, 2009

Curriculum Clean-Out Giveaway

This giveaway is over now! Sorry you missed it! Be sure to become a follower though, so you don't miss out on another one, and any new ideas and thoughts!

Original Post

So I don't really have any curriculum to give away, but I though you all may like some goodies to go along with your curriculum. So I dug through my collection of plastic bins to find some items that you all will love.

What you'll get:
  • 2 Pocket Charts, one red, one blue (as seen here)
  • 2 double sided (solid/lined) dry-erase white boards
  • A set of uppercase alphabet stamps with a red and blue ink pads
  • A set of uppercase magnet letters and a set of magnetic numbers
  • A set of word strips (green, purple, and orange)
  • Set of "Parts of Speech" stickers
  • Set of cursive handwriting stickers
  • Set of play money
  • 180 "Motivation Stickers" on a roll
  • Disney workbooks, one each of Phonics and Reading (Pre-K -1st), Time and Money (1st-2nd), and Addition and Subtraction (1st-2nd)
  • 12 Sets of Flash Cards, one each of, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Sight Words, Phonics, Rhyming, United States, U.S. Presidents, Landmarks, Insects, and Animals.
Excited yet?

Here are some details as well as how to enter this giveaway!

  1. Entries will accepted from August 2nd until August 13th 9pm EST.
  2. You must live in the continental U.S. to enter.
  3. To enter, leave a comment below, answering the following questions: 1. How long have you been homeschooling and why did you decide to homeschool? 2. What item do you love the most, and how would you use it should you win?
  4. Want extra entries? Become a follower and let me know in a separate comment, or tweet about this giveaway and leave the link in a separate comment below.
  5. No more than 3 entries per person.
  6. I'll announce the winner either late Thursday night or early Friday morning. Be sure to check back to see if you won! I won't be coming after you!
  7. If you have any questions, please email me (don't leave a comment) at morgan.gaking[at]
I think that's it! Good luck all!


Melissa Juvinall said...

I am just starting our homeschooling journey this year. We decided to homeschool because we wanted to teach and learn in a holistic way instead of compartimentalizing school and non-school. And God told us to. :) I am really interested in the workbooks and flash cards. My son loves workbooks, and the flash cards will be helpful with what we will be learning. Thanks for the chance!

Bailey's Leaf said...

Okay, I'll admit-- I'm not a homeschooler. I'm a mommy that educates my child at home, as supplementation to what she gets at preschool and soon to be kindergarten. (EEEK!) We have a lovely learning kit that we presently use, comprised of flash cards, dry erase wipe board, workbooks and whatnot. What would I love most? Well, I'd love to win all of it (as it would go to great use), but we're working on phonics right now. All of the sight words, letter stampers and rhyming would be great aids to help teach K- more great things! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I am just starting homeschooling this year because I think it is best for my children right now. I really like the magnet letters and numbers. They are right up our alley.


Christy said...

1. I've been homeschooling for 6 years--ever since my oldest was born! Officially, just one year--K5 last year. 2. What would I love the most? Wow, it's hard to choose. Probably the dry-erase boards because they would be so versatile. My kids could use them for every subject almost!
Thanks for your generosity!

Christy said...

I am aways on the lookout for new homeschool blogs to follow. I am now one of yours!

Shawntele said...

Great giveaway, sometimes the supplies are needed as much as the curriculum! This is our second year homeschooling, I brought my three kids home from public school because of frustration with school politics and curriculum and lack of God! The thing I enjoy most is just being with my kids, being their Mamma! My youngest two children would get the most enjoyment from these items, stamping, stickers, flash cards; these are a few of the things they like best. :)

Shawntele said...

I think I will enjoy reading your future posts on education so I became a follower! :)

Jenny said...

Great giveaway!
I have wanted to homeschool before I even had my daughter. I did well in school, but hated it. Once I learned about homeschooling, I knew it would perfect for us. Plus, I just couldn't imagine someone else with my child for 8 hours a day!

This is our second year of homeschooling. We did preschool last year and this year will be Kindergarten.

All of your items are awesome. My daughter loves to do do workbook pages and would really enjoy the Disney ones. The flash cards would be great for playing games like memory!

Thanks again for the awesome giveaway!

Jenny said...

I am a follower now! Great blog!

Jen said...

What a great giveaway! Please enter me. This will be our 3rd year of homeschooling, my daughter is going into 2nd grade. We homeschool because I felt that's what the Lord wanted us to do. As for my favorite item in the giveaway, I like the dry erase boards, they'd be a help in just about every subject. My daughter also loves earning stickers.

Erica said...

What a great giveaway, I would love a chance to win. The alphabet stamps are something we have always wanted, but just have not gotten around to getting lol.

We just started homeschooling this past Januray and are really enjoying it. My second son didn't do the best in kindergarten so we decided to just take the plunge. We are very happy with the choice so far!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, awesome! I have 3 kids (4, 3, and a baby). We have always tried to encourage learning and I have always planned structured activities for my kids, but we started being more formal last year when my oldest was 3. The main reason we are homeschooling right now is because we feel that the public schools are to invasive of the lives of students.

I really love the play money. For some reason, it is something that we have never had for our kids (although they often play like they are shopping with my expired coupons).

Nancy Neeley said...

Officially I am not homeschooling but schooling at home. We are in our second year with an online program. I am loving being able to add to the core curriculum. We are doing 2nd and 3rd grade this year. I have 2 boys and one did 2 years of math last year so this year he is doing 4tth grade Math. We will be doing a LOT of 3rd grade math review tis year I have a feeling. LOL We do Bible Quizzing and I make it part of their school day. My favorite thing in the giveaway would be the Dry erase boards with the Language arts stickers running a close second. So many uses for the dry erase board but top of the list would be instead of scrap paper. Now my kids would choose the stamps as their favorite more than likely.

Nancy Neeley said...

I am now a follower of your blog. Looking forward to learning many new things.

Rana said...

This is right up our alley we love to do stuff like this.
We have been homeschooling from the beginning. My kids have never been to school and they are 6years old would be first grade so 2 years if you count preschool starting our 3rd. We chose to homeschool because we thought it would give them the freedom to learn with out a lot of restrictions they can learn what they want and how and it goes along with our Christian beliefs.
I like the flash cards and they play money. We can use the money to play store for those days that we don't use real money when we go to the store. Plus I am already subscribed to your blog I have been for a while. You have some great goodies. Thanks for sharing!

Tristan said...

We've been homeschooling since birth, our oldest is 8! We prayed about what to do for our chldren's schooling and homeschooling was God's answer.
The item i love the most? That's hard to pick, but I would say the letter stamps. My kids love stamping messages and they would be great for spelling practice with my 8yo, letter practice with my 3 and 4 yo, and just making a mess for the almost 2yo.

Tristan said...

Now I'm following your blog too!

Antonia said...

I'm not homeschooling yet but I want to! I'm a future teacher too, going to school, and the more and more I learn about the public schools in my area, the more I have decided that it's just not a quality education that I want my son to have. I'm planning to homeschool my son, and any other children we have come along, from preschool all the way through!

I think my favoriate would be the alphabet stamps and magnet letters. I think it would be great to help to recongize the letters and could make up a lot of fun games with the magnetic letters. As for the stamps, I can just envision scrapbook type learning and different lapbooks and being able to customize pages to work with while learning the alphabet!

Antonia said...

I'm following you now too!

Alicia said...

1. How long have you been homeschooling and why did you decide to homeschool? I've been doing home preschool with my son for about a year, but have known for more then 10 years that if I had kids I would homeschool them. In highschool I had a LOT of issues in my public school and compiled a monstrously large report about the benefits of homeschooling for my parents. I was then homeschooled for a year, and knew I'd be a homeschooler forever!

I also think that parents who ARE capable of homeschooling should to remove extra students from an already overcrowded public school system.

2. What item do you love the most, and how would you use it should you win?
If I won my favorites would be some of the flash cards, definently the alphabet stamps and magnetic letters. When we play with flashcards we don't use them in the traditional sense, we use them as a family to have more things to talk about. We compare differences, count items, talk about what colors things are, etc.

Thanks for a WONDERFUL giveaway, and a chance to win!

Ticia said...

I've been homeschooling kind sorta for about a year. But, I'm starting for real this year on K with my boys.
I decided to homeschool because I think there are areas that our schools don't teach as well as they could, and because my kids are ready to learn now, not when the school says they're ready.

Ticia said...

I follow, and since I missed the last question, I would love the numbers and the money the most. I'd use them in our morning routine time.

Kirsten Hill said...

My daughter is five and this will be our first "official" year of homeschooling with her at Kindergarten age, but we have done preschool activities at home for the past two years. We wanted to be able to give our kids a solid foundation in the formative years, so that when they do enter school at a later age (maybe public school in high school) they would be more of a positive influence on others than their peers and the "system" would be a negative influence on them.

I think the alphabet stamps set would be neat. We're just getting into some phonics/learning to read lessons now that my daughter knows her letter sounds pretty well, and I think it would be fun to incorporate the stamps into some of those lessons. Thanks!

Kirsten Hill said...

I just added you to google reader so that I can "follow" you. Thanks!

Winning Readings said...

What's not to love? I was trying to pick a favorite and am having a tough time! My daughter loves "writing," so the whiteboards would be great. Plus the magnets - we've got some already and more would be even more fun - more words! And the stamps - we do lots of rubber stamping - I have a cursive set of letters but it's not ideal. Flashcards, workbooks - I love it all!

My daughter is only two - so I guess you could say we've been homeschooling 2 years! I like being a part of her education process - we do "alphabet school" where we intentionally have fun with cooking, science activities, etc. I know I wasted so much time in school as a kid (I did all my homework in class and still had lots of time to read) - and I want an environment where my daughter can learn as fast as she's capable of...

janemaritz at yahoo dot com

PisecoMom said...

Wow! Great resources!

We're in our second year "officially" homeschooling but I've known since my son was born that I wanted to homeschool - I think the opportunities for learning are so much better in a personal environment.

I'd love all the resources but I'm most interested in the pocket charts because we've never had any... I could use one for a changing schedule for my young daughter and another one for all kinds of things for my son. Thanks!

chappyandalexa AT earthlink DOT net

Beka said...

I too just started homeschooling this year. I have 2 kiddos, 5 and 2. We decided to homeschool because we don't want our kids to be taught a test (Texas) I think the TAKS test is a waste of time. I want my kids to learn all they can and to have that happen, homeschooling was our option. Those pocket charts are right up my alley. I would love to make good use out of them. Thanks for having the giveway!!

Michelle said...

I am just starting out with my little guy. Are you kidding? I can't pick a favorite. It all looks great!!

Lorie said...

This is our 1st year homeschooling! My DD is going into 1st grade. We decided to homeschool after 2 years of public school because of so many reasons! I couldn't believe how much time was being wasted on behavior, technology that teachers weren't trained to use and on TAKs testing. My daughter was having such a hard time focusing. I couldn't understand until I volunteered weekly and then it became clear! And thats only a few reasons. It is exciting to be starting this journey but a little strenuous on our budget. Any of items would be so awesome to win! They would help out a ton! Mostly though I am in total need of those pocket charts! Thanks for a chance to win them!

TZel said...

I have been homeschooling since my daughter was a baby- I read to her and taught her the letters with cards that I made and hung up at her eye level- but officially we have been home schooling for two years. I decided to home school for so many reasons- we were not satisfied with the quality of our local schools' instruction; we wanted to protect our daughter from unwholesome influences; we wanted to spend more time together as a family; because of a serious health issue she needs more care than most children, something that we can better provide; and to better teach her a godly way of life. I love the sticker books and the flashcards the most- these items are EXACTLY what I need but have not been able to find or afford- thank you very much for the chance to use them- and please, keep up the good work!

Angie said...

This is wonderful! I love all that you have included. My favorite would be the pocket charts and the letter stamps. I can think of tons of ways to use each!
I have just started home schooling (pre-k) and started because I wanted to 'fan their fires' and individualize their learning.


Queen Diva said...

I reluctantly started homeschooling last year, and we LOVE LOVE LOVE it! We started off doing it because our school system here is horrible, but now are doing it because we're convicted that we need to take a bigger role in teaching our children what God would have them know. I can't decide if I'd like the pocket charts or play money better.

Thanks for doing this giveaway!

Queen Diva said...

I'm also following you!

Beka said...

I just became a follower of your blog!

Beka said...

Here's a link to the tweet that I posted about your giveaway, Thanks again for having it!!

Crystal said...

I have not officially started homeschooling yet! BUt I have a kindergartner in a couple of weeks and this lot of goodies would be perfect! He is dying to learn to tell time so the Time and Money workbook will be esepcially fun for him!!!! Thank you so much for the chance!!!!

Crystal said...

and I tweeted!

Crystal said...

And I subscribed to your blog! :)

marci_jo said...

My oldest daughter is just now at at the preschool age and so I'm just thinking about homeschooling. I love to be with my girls every day and love seeing them learn.

Veronica Boulden said...

I REALLY like the double sided white boards... and the money... and the flash cards. We will use them all! My daughter is turning five soon and all that is ahead of us. I started homeschooling... when my daughter was born. Sounds silly, but I always knew I wanted to home school. I taught school before I had kids, but felt, if I could manage it financially, I'd love to nurture my own kids' educations at home.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... we're not really homeschooling - my lil ones are 4, 2, and 2 mos and I'm not sure what we'll do once the 4 year old is eligible for k. BUT, right now, I'm just blogsurfing for fun (and educational but more fun) ideas of stuff the kids can do. What I like best on your list are the double sided white boards and the letter stampers (right now, the 4 year old is VERY into sounding out small words and putting them together, but not writing so the letters would be awesome! And for some reason, he LOVES the whiteboard at grandpas! THanks!
rosa [at]

Jenn said...

Ooooh please enter me! :)

I also am a follower now! :)

1. How long have you been homeschooling and why did you decide to homeschool?
I've been homeschooling for a little over a year. I did home preschool with my kids last year and have started my 4 yo DD on K this year! :) I decided to homeschool because I didn't want my children to be subject to the school system that our state subjects the kiddos to! Yikes.

2. What item do you love the most, and how would you use it should you win?
The play money and the flashcards would be AWESOME for my DD's little workbags! She loves activities that are fun and educational.

Agamemnonsmom said...

Oh wow!!

I have a soon to be 5 year old so we are just starting. I haven't figured out what to do about math yet so I would love pre-k and k math items the most

Thank you!!

holly K said...

I have been homeschooling for 2 years officially. I wanted to be able to steer my children's education and also to be able to mold their character to follow God. What a great package! I would use the numerous flashcards to review and as a game for my children. cookiecutter72 at hotmail dot com

livkit said...

Oh! Please Please! I am following you.. and I would love this. I am in college about to student teach and need all the help I can get. Thanks so much.

"Miss" Anita said...

1. How long have you been homeschooling and why did you decide to homeschool?

We've been homeschooling from the start, and our oldest is 9 years old. We decided to homeschool mainly because we've seen the decline of so many of the public schools.

2. What item do you love the most, and how would you use it should you win?

It's hard to decide which item I love the most. I think the white boards would really come in handy because my children would love to have one of their own to write down answers or other things.

roseinthemorning [at] gmail [dot] com

"Miss" Anita said...

I'm a follower. :)

roseinthemorning [at] gmail [dot] com

"Miss" Anita said...

I tweeted about this:

roseinthemorning [at] gmail [dot] com

Thank you!