Thursday, April 23, 2009

Don't Forget Your Etiquette!

And in case you have, do I have the book for you! It's Don't Forget Your Etiquette: The Essential Guide to Misbehavior. The old books of etiquette are out, and the new are in, in the form of poems by Miss Information, otherwise know as the author David Greenburg.

I'm not going to lie, I laughed myself to tears with this one. So if your going to read this to your students or children, I suggest reading it a few times on your own to get the giggles out. Although I'm sure when they start howling in laughter, you will too.

This book covers all the basics, like how to eat soup, with the suggestion that it is proper to eat it with a fork, and test it's temperature with your feet. Oh and if you have a cake, do like all the icing off before you cut it, it will make it easier to cut. Saying hello when you answer the phone is so boring, so why not lick it, or talk baby talk, or stick it in your sink and turn on the disposal, or better yet, just answer with goodbye. And the list goes on.

These etiquette rules are so outlandish your kids will surely notice what is going on (and hopefully never try out themselves). And the illustrations just add to the poems, making them even more hilarious by adding the literal translations of the verses. So if your tired of telling kids how to behave properly, maybe this reverse psychology thing will work. The author also include at the top of every poem, a quote from a "real" etiquette book, which will give you some true etiquette advice to give your kids.

Oh and please don't thank me for sharing the information about this wonderful book with you... that would just simply be very, very, rude!

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kim_brough said...

Read your comment on MckMama's blog and PLEASE tell me you didn't really come across a "Geycien". VOMIT! I wholeheartedly agree with you on the spelling.