Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vintage Curriculum

Ten points to anyone who knows what program these books are from!

I'm not sure if they are actually vintage yet, but they sure look like it. These are the books from the first edition of Sing, Spell, Read, and Write, purchased back in the early 90's.

If you were homeschooled in the 90's you probably either learned to read with this curriculum, or know someone who did. It was the curriculum for reading back then. Although it still seems popular now days, there are a lot more programs out there now then there were back then.

We don't have any of the rest of the curriculum anymore, but I wanted to keep the readers. They are still good, basic, phonics readers. Plus, they are the books I learned to read with.

Glancing back through the books, they look so familiar. I know I probably read each one a hundred times over.

This is about the only major piece of curriculum we have left in our house. All the old, 90's, Abeka and Bob Jones stuff is gone. Although when I was at a homeschool curriculum fair back in April, it looked like a lot of it hadn't changed much.

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