Monday, October 5, 2009

What was in the box? Part 1

My box from Educators Outlet arrived on Friday, late in the day. I of course abandoned the all important homework to greet the FedEx man at the door and then proceed to rip it open and play with everything inside.

In order to best tell you about everything in the box, I'll be sharing only an item or two at a time. Because I don't have a classroom of my own just yet, it's hard for me to actually test these items out, but I'll do by best to give you an idea of how durable/useful/etc. they are.

First item up is the sorting trays (item # 10318). I got four of them and I'm pretty pleased. They are a really nice size, and I can see them coming in handy for not only sorting activities, but also for organizing centers and distributing supplies. Although plastic, and a bit "thinner" than I thought, these still seem as if they will hold up quite well even if heavily used and abused.

Next are my wooden base ten blocks. Silly me thought I had all four components (ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands blocks) but alas, I realized I had forgotten to order tens. Oh well, I'll just keep my eye out for some. These were actually made by three different companies, but they are all very nice. I think about half of the weight of my box was in those two thousands blocks. Those things are heavy! (Item # ones 10625, hundreds 10627, thousands 10628).

All of these items are still available at Educators Outlet currently, but in some cases, there are less than 100 in stock, so if you are interested in purchasing them, I would move quickly!

There is lots more to come, so stay tuned!

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Dana @ Our Sunny Side said...

We have a set of the ten blocks and they are great! Ours are plastic. I'm sure the wooden ones are quite heavy!