Monday, November 2, 2009

Insect Alphabet

So I've finally figured out how to share documents with everyone, so now I can share some of the stuff I've been creating for my classes. I hate knowing that I probably won't ever use some of this stuff, so I hope some of you can take advantage of it.

First up is one of my latest creations, insect alphabet cards. It has each letter of the alphabet, in both uppercase and lowercase, and an a picture of an insect that starts with that letter. You can have your students practice matching the upper and lower case letters, or play a game of memory or go fish with them.

Insect Alphabet Cards

*Folks, I have no idea how to make the link above nice and neat and not so large, so you're going to have to deal for now until someone decides to rescue me from my blogging stupidity. And yes, I'm fully aware that the cards run backwards, but you're going to cut them out anyways so deal!


Kathy said...

Great ideas, and yes, we can live with your limitations (which are about like mine when it comes to computers!)Blessings!

Margaret said...

This is so cool! I love it!