Monday, April 25, 2011

Dry-erase Board Erasers - Cheap!

The math curriculum (Everyday Math) used in the county I teach in is heavy on "slate work." A.k.a. using dry-erase boards. I've seen a lot of the teachers buy those cute little mini erasers from places like Lakeshore, however that can add up quick, and end up relatively "expensive" when there is a cheaper alternative - felt.

(Off topic- do you love my bright, lime green counter tops or what?!)

I had my felt left over from a project I did back when I was first in teacher school, so my erasers where free, however, felt is fairly cheap, and if you buy it off the bolt with a coupon, it's even cheaper. Like a penny an eraser (according to my highly mathematical calculations). They work just as well as store bought erasers and it's no big deal when someone loses one.

My next dry-erase board experiment is dry erase crayons. I saw them on, and my box is due to arrive Tuesday and I'm excited to test them out. I've also heard regular crayons work too. I'll be doing some experimenting, because I'll be honest, I hate dry-erase markers. They are expensive, smelly, the kids are always losing the caps and then they dry out, or are pressing to hard and pushing the points in. I have my fingers crossed that the crayons work.

Have you ever tried dry erase crayons? Please, do tell!


Tristan said...

Yes, we have a set of dry erase crayons (Crayola). They work great and are so nice for little ones who are hard on markers. We got ours at WalMart.

You can also buy some through the company who sells Draw Write Now, they are the Sargent brand:

Dick Blick carries the Crayola ones too.

Rainbow Resource carries regular and jumbo size dry erasee crayons:

and they are the most inexpensive retailer.

Sneaker Teacher said...

I have never heard of dry erase crayons, but they sound cool! Our markers are always running out and they are expensive!

MrsKP said...

I use the dry erase crayons SOMETIMES. They are good to use for each kiddo having their own, and not good for teacher use (you can only see them close up). Another problem is that they are pretty difficult to erase. Sometimes it ends up smearing all over the board instead of really erasing. They break fairly easily, but they don't dry out!!! Not drying out is HUGE.

Vintage Teacher said...

My comment isn't about the crayons but about the erasers. I have used socks with holes in them or that sock that lost its mate.

When they were used enough to be really dirty, I just brought them home and washed them. They were ready to go the next time we needed them. My kids were thrilled to bring in a sock to put in the collection.

They worked great and they were free, the perfect price.