Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sorting Pockets

For all you lucky ducks who are out of school already (6 more days!!!) and are planning for next year, here is something super simple to make.

I made these for my class to use for sorting activities. They are generic and can be used for any type of sort you want to create. 

Each folder contains a envelope on the back to store the cards for the sort and 3 library pockets inside. The pockets have velcro on them so that I can change the sort categories at any time. We were identifying strategies we could use to help us solve addition facts quickly on the day I took these pictures. To create the cards for the sort all I do is create a table in Word or Pages (depending on whether I'm at school or home) and plug in what I want them to sort. These are an excellent center activity or a "I'm done, now what?" activity. Despite their simplicity the kids love them!