Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm now a teacher... sort of!

So after a 10 month hiatus, I'm pleased to announce that I'm back, and now a teacher! But, it's only sort of...

Thanks to this awesome job market and the fact that I'm a December graduate, I knew for a fact that I would not find a full time job. So my best shot was a long-term substitute position. And who knew even those were so competitive. Who knew the teaching market was so competitive in general.

After almost half a dozen interviews, all which turned up nothing, I sort of came to the conclusion that maybe I'm not so great of an interviewer. Not to brag, but I know I'm an awesome teacher. I got some of the highest "marks" that my supervisor had ever seen during my year of student teaching. However I seem to have issues conveying that, I guess.

Anyways, just as I was about to start looking into other non-teaching options, I got a call on a Thursday afternoon from an assistant principal who needed a sub for a 1st/2nd grade special education teacher. The kicker, she needed to me to start the next day. Needless to say, I mumbled something that came out "okay, I'll be there" in my state of shock and showed up the next morning. Originally, it was only for that Friday and the next week, however they suspected that it would be longer, so they wanted to get a certified teacher in as soon as they could. Sure enough, I've now been there over a month, and although supposedly my time will end at the beginning of May, everyone is fairly certain I will be there till the end of the year.

I've learned a ton during my time there, especially considering I'm only a general elementary teacher and not a special educator. The other (amazing and awesome) special education teachers have generously given me many mini crash courses in special eduction 101. I love the teachers I work with (and those that I don't), although I'll just be nice and just say the administration is less than stellar. Which is a bummer since I'm told about half of the staff have requested transfers and I know there is a strong chance that I'd be a first pick to fill one of those vacancies.

All my new little friends are awesome and I've quickly fallen in love with them, which will make it hard if I have to up and leave them in just a couple weeks. They've also really challenged me, and caused me to lose lots of sleep at night. Where some of them are academically (and emotionally and socially for a couple) is down right frightening and I worry so much about their future. It's also given me a sense of urgency and I am doing all I can right now to hopefully better them for their inevitable futures.

So I'm back now and I've got loads of stuff to share and thought it was due time that I get back to blogging here. Especially now that I'm a teacher... sort of.

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Tristan said...

God is great at giving us new situations to learn in, isn't he? Glad you're blogging again! I look forward to reading about your current and future adventures.

Tristan, who is homeschooling her 6 blessings one day at a time.