Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And the point is...

So lately I've been wanting to share more of my thoughts on education and my future career as a teacher (that is if I make it). I have strong feelings on education and while this might be a bad thing, I also think that it is a good thing and while help me to strive to be the best teacher I can possibly be. Many probably don't agree with all my views, but I'm sure there are also many out there who do (at least I hope).

One thing I have certainly discovered about teaching is that is nothing like what my professors, the movies, books, and anyone really, makes it out to be. Having been homeschooled I wasn't really familiar with a elementary classroom and what a teacher might be like. Now please don't tell me that because I was homeschooled I missed out on things. Being in the classroom has only proved to me that I missed out on only the negative things. Things like having to vie for time with the teacher, a non-individulized education, sitting in the same place for hours, distractions, being exposed to inappropriate things and talk, mandated high stakes testing, and the list goes on. And no, I'm sorry, these are not character builders either.

Some find it slightly ironic that a former homeschooler, who is completly pro-homeschooling, would want to be a teacher. I really don't know, I frequently wonder, "What was I thinking?"

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Lori said...

good luck on your journey! i think a homeschooler would make a fantastic teacher - you should be able to bring something great to the classroom!

thank you so much for listing my blogs in your "blogs i love"! i've subscribed to your blog so i can watch your progress. :^)