Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Book Review - The Ordinary Princess

I just finished reading the book, The Ordinary Princess, last night. This book, written and illustrated by M.M. Kaye, is about a princess named Amy, who at her christening is given the gift of being ordinary by the fairy Crustacea. This leaves the 7th princess of the royal family of Phantasmorania, rather plain and boring, and the royal family unable to marry her off.

This book is so sweet and charming. I read it in elementary school, but most certainly enjoyed it more as an adult (as I have found with most children's literature). At only 112 pages long, it certainly isn't a daunting read. Although there are some crazy names in this book that some readers (including my dyslexic self) may find frustrating to try and read. Boys also may not like this book too much, as the main focus is on a princess and their isn't too much action in it.

Grade Recommendation: 2nd-5th

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