Thursday, April 9, 2009

Decisions, Decisions (Updated!)


I'm officially in cohort 2 now. After talking it over with my mom, we kinda decided that 2 would probably be best. When I logged onto the website cohort 1 and 3 still had a couple spots, and cohort 2 had a lot. I then watched both cohort 1 and 3 disappear, so I kinda ended up going with cohort 2 by default. But realistically, it's probably best.
It was so nerve racking at the end though, I put cohort 2 in my shopping cart but as I kept refreshing the number of seats was rapidly going down. I swear it was worse than a suspenseful movie. I watched as my clock turned from 4:29 to 4:30 and hit enroll right then. Phew, it went through. Ten minutes later there are only a couple spots left.

Fall 09 Cohort # 2, here I come!


Ugh, signing up for classes is one of my least favorite things to do. Especially now with the whole cohort thing. When I used to sign up for classes it was pretty much just sign up for the ones that worked together. Rarely was it by how good the professor was rated on
Maybe I shouldn't have looked up the professor ratings... because now I thought I had made up my mind, but I'm not so sure. Two cohorts only have 3 seats left though so my mind may get made up for me by the time my enrollment appointment comes at 4:30 this afternoon.

Here's the breakdown:
Cohort 1: Long days on Monday, one unknown professor, one un-reviewed professor and two highly rated professors.
Cohort 2: One unknown professor, but it's just the internship overseer, one un-reviewed professor, two highly rated professors, good overall schedule.
Cohort 3: Biology class is at the zoo, decent schedule, two highly rated professors, one unknown (again just internship overseer), and one professor who every review claimed her as the devil reincarnated (yikes)!
Cohort 4: Terrible schedule, not considering.

I'm really not sure what to do now. I really wanted cohort 3 because of the zoo biology class, but do I really want the devil for math? Ugh I hate these decisions. I will most certainly be registering with the disabilities office if I do cohort 3, someone did say that they asked to be removed from her class because of the sheer difficulty she was giving then and they let them switch. But again, if I can't get moved, I may be screwed. Thankfully we won't be under the education department for level II, so I'm thinking a switch may be a bit easier than if we were with the education department.

I do think 2 and then 1 are going to be my backups, I just need to decide if 3 is going to be my first choice or not.

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