Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What was in the box? Part 2

Time to share some more items from my Educators Outlet order. If you missed part one, click here.

Anyone hungry? I got a fraction sandwich (item # 107977) for you! For $2.50, this a super cute item to have out for your kids to play with, even if you have little ones. Because everything is color coded, it's easy to put together, whether you understand fractions or not. Great way for kids to play with and manipulate fractions, and see how they relate with each other! You could even pose questions like can you swap a 1/2 piece with some 1/6 pieces?, etc.
My only complaint is that it's a bit hard to keep together, as in, when you pick it up, all the small pieces fall out, like what happened in the picture below. It also annoys me a little that the "bread" isn't actually brown, like sandwich bread usually is. Plus, I would have like it to have been labeled "whole," but I can always do that myself. But in the end, I would say this is definitely worth buying.

Below we have a strawberry pie (item # 107641), if that fraction sandwich didn't fill you up. (What's with food and fractions?) This in units of 1/8th but there are other variations you will see on the site. Great visual when learning fractions!

Then there are fraction work cards (item # 107701-2). These were designed to go with a set of manipulatives (which they don't currently carry), but they also work separately. These would still be easy to use, or at least give you some ideas on things you can have the kids do with fractions.

And lastly, ending our fraction run, is a Numbers Up, 3 pad flip book (item # 10361) I'm wishing I had gotten the 6 pad book, but, oh well, this is still a great buy! It has numbers 0-9, as well as various symbols often used with numbers (decimal, dollar sign, etc.).

Is anyone being tempted to make an order to them yet? ;)

Disclaimer: Just so everyone is clear, I have no relation to, and am not being paid by Educators Outlet. I purchased all of these items out of my own measly budget and thought others might be interested in seeing the items I bought and what I thought of them.

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