Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Where have I been?

Anyone notice I've been a bit absent lately? Well I have.

I feel like I've been a hamster stuck on a wheel lately. I keep thinking that I'll be able to get off soon, but it doesn't appear so. Lately it's been a choice of whether I do homework, or write a blog post. Obviously I've been choosing homework, as I probably should.

About the most exciting thing that has been going on lately has been the drama involving our science internship supervisor. She actually, finally (terrible to say I know) resigned today, after being absent and unreachable by us (her students) for about a month. She totally left us hanging out on our own.

Luckily, my cohort is fairly resilient, and we have awesome classroom mentor teachers to help fill in gaps as best they could. But still, it was a bit frustrating to be left hanging with no lesson plans, no guidance, or feedback, or anything at all really. The only not good thing about it is that she didn't require a lot of the extra, and what I really consider busy work, that many of the other supervisors require.

We had a temporary substitute today, and they said they are attempting to find us another one that can be permanent, but that is still is in the works, so we will see.

Let's see what else.

Tuesday I taught with my teaching partner our second and final big lesson for the course. It did not quite go as planned, as we were not informed, nor did our mentor teacher know, there was a school wide assembly. The kind of threw us for a loop because we ended up with only half of the time the lesson was designed for. But it was a lesson in being flexible and being able to think on your feet and make really, really, last minute modifications to your lesson.

In biology we had our second major test today. I think I did alright. And in earth and space science we grew crystals instantly on Tuesday.

In math methods I am learning tons of awesome ideas and seriously wish I had more time to share them. We also did family math night at our math internship school on Monday. Also and interesting experience.

And that's about all I have time to write folks. I really, really hope to back with more regular postings soon, so stay tuned!

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Kathy said...

Send us homeschooling Mom's some of those good math tips! We're anxiously awaiting!!! : ) glad to hear that you're probably going to be getting that science intern for your class! That should be of benefit for sure!