Monday, March 1, 2010

I hit the books...

... but the books hit back.


Sorry for being so MIA around here lately. I'm hard at work trying to juggle teaching two full days a week and then having four additional classes on top of that with tons of work to do for each of those.

I wanted to pop in and give you a brief update though. I'm teaching 1st grade this semester and I absolutely love it. I'm thinking 1st grade might be the grade for me. I always sort of wanted to steer clear of 1st grade because I was scared of teaching reading, but it actually doesn't seem to be that bad.

I'm becoming a pro at cranking out the two page, single spaced, lesson plans were required to write. One of my biggest fears going into this semester was how in the world was I going to write all that times 10 each week, but I've gotten to be an old pro, and have learned how to copy and paste things together pretty quick.

These days I pretty much do nothing but write lesson plans and other homework. I write out a 3x5 index cards worth of school related items to do pretty much everyday. It's rather insane, but so far I haven't minded it. I think I psyched myself out beyond belief about this semester and now I'm thinking it's not so bad. Much better than last spring. But at the same time, I've also learned how to be more organized and stay on top of things.

I'm almost halfway done, which seems crazy to believe. Of course, all the snow we had did help, considering schools were out for 10 days. I'll try to pop in a couple more times and give an update and be back to regular posting once my classes are over. I have tons to share!

Until then...


Sneaker Teacher said...

First grade is a fantastic grade to teach. This year I am getting experience with different grade levels and I like them all, but I think first is still my favorite. I love helping them gain those important skills that start them off on their whole learning experience!

Kelly said...

My original wish was to be a 1st grade teacher :) I ended up in K, but I actually want to teach reading- thats my favorite thing and it turns out at my school we do a TON of reading instruction in K so it works out well. It's kind of like I get to teach reading without the pressure of OH NO they can't read yet!