Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Creative and Organized Teacher

I've recently been on the lookout for great books to add to my resource library. Best way to do it, I've found is by checking things out from the library to "try before you buy."

Recently I've come across two books (part of the same series from the same authors) that I though where just amazing, and two that I think any teacher, but especially a new teacher (or possibly a teacher making a grade change), would want to keep around.

The first one is The Creative Teacher. This book is full of great ideas and a wealth of ready to go projects and reproducibles. This is the kind of book that would be especially great to have around this time of the year when you've burned through all your curriculum and still have a couple weeks to go. There are also a lot of projects that are very self contained and would be great for emergency substitute plans. The homeschooler would also have a lot of fun with this book, especially if your a homeschooler who prefers to make your own curriculum.

The Organized Teacher is also a great book, and is more of a teacher reference, with things like checklists, assessments, and other basic info. The veteran teacher may not find to much in this book that they already don't have, but a new teacher, like myself, would love this book. Probably the most helpful thing in there is all the checklists for things like the beginning of the year, back to school night, field trips, evaluations, parent conferences, etc. I can see them being a huge time saver, especially if your school doesn't provide you with some sort of checklist itself. The homeschooler probably wouldn't find this book as useful or worth buying, however, it would be worth it to see if your library had it, to see if there is anything that would be useful to you.

Although I just made copies galore out of these two books, I certainly wouldn't mind adding them to my resource library. If you know someone who is graduating and about to have a classroom of their own, both of these books would make wonderful gifts.

Do you have a favorite resource book you think I should check out? Let me know! I'd love your suggestions.

* Disclaimer: I was not paid to review either of these books. If you click on the links, and buy the books through those links, I will make a small commission through's affiliate program. I will be grateful if you choose to purchase that way.

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Katie's Journey said...

I was actually lucky enough to come across both of these at half price books one day and grabbed them both. I love all of the reproducibles and know that they will come in very handy. Have you seen the calendar one in the series too?