Thursday, May 27, 2010

20 things I learned about 1st graders

Here are some things I learned about 1st graders this semester:
  1. If tattling on each other was a sport, they would win, hands down.
  2. The answer to 8+3 is now "he's touching me!" and no longer 11. Might want to note that change.
  3. They can manage to destroy to points on pencils (and pencils themselves for that matter) without actually touching the pencils. It's an amazing skill, really, it is.
  4. The words "hurry" and "quickly" have no meaning what so ever.
  5. Justin Bieber is a hot topic among the girls.
  6. Justin "Beaver" is a hot topic among the boys.
  7. Keeping a secret is not possible for some, if not all.
  8. In fact secrets only last about 10 minutes.
  9. "Ms. G. we made you something for teacher appreciation week!" will be followed by a chorus of "Shhh.... you weren't suppose to tell her!"
  10. Everyone will need to use the bathroom during math.
  11. Some will need to use the bathroom twice during math.
  12. Best friends change on a day to day basis.
  13. A broken best friend relationship can just be the result of "I just didn't have time to spend with you today. We only get 20 minutes of recess and I wanted to see other people," said in all seriousness.
  14. That's an acceptable excuse.
  15. When you say "Clean out your seat pockets, please," you might as well say it in another language. They cannot comprehend the meaning.
  16. In the afternoon, they interpret the words "Go to the carpet for a read aloud," as "Go to the carpet and let's roll around and accidentally kick each other in the face."
  17. You can estimate you will tie approximately 46 pairs of shoelaces a day. You only have a class of 17.
  18. If they had their choice of $1,000 dollars or help the teacher pass out papers, they would pick pass out papers.
  19. They will ask you once a week if you have any pets. When you say, "Yes, one cat and one dogs." They go, "the cat's name is Esther and the dog's name is Holly," and move on.
  20. I totally love first graders!


Katie's Journey said...

That is so true but so funny! Tattling does not get better the older they get either unfortunately. While subbing, I have finally began to tell the kids if there is not blood, guts, or vomit I do not want to hear about it. By the end of the day they usually realize that they can solve all of their problems on their own!

Alissa said...

I really loved reading that. It was such an accurate list, I could relate to everyone of those points, being a reception (kindergarten) teacher. From Alissa@ Excuse Me Mrs.C!