Thursday, July 21, 2011

Alphabet Soup No More

In an effort to get better organized, I finally ended my run of keeping all my little plastic letters in a large plastic baggie. Nothing like desperately needing the letter /n/ and having to dig through the whole alphabet to try and find it.

I've been wanting to get one of those plastic bead organizers for a while, but the only thing has been that I can't find one large enough to hold my whole alphabet and I'd prefer to have it all together and not in a few different bins.

I never thought my search would end during a trip to Home Depot with the boyfriend. While he was staring at tow cables I got bored and began to wander and stumbled upon this!

:insert angels singing:

Sure, the whole alphabet isn't in one container, but it is contained in one easy to transport container which is perfect for carrying around the room. It's super light and would be easy for kids to carry as well. It can even be wall mounted should you so desire.

I was hoping to fit both my uppercase and lowercase letters, but it wasn't quite big enough for that so I settled for just lowercase letters. I really only use the lowercase letters, so for now all my uppercase letters will stay in a bag.

I labeled the inside of each section so that kiddos could easily put back letters in the correct spot and I'll eventually label the outside of each container with the letters it contains but alas, I ran out of a tape in my labeler.

I didn't quite need all four containers, so I added some pencils/pens, highlighters and post-it notes to the last box (not pictured, so you can stop squinting at the above picture).

I really hope it works out and I'm really, really hoping I get to give it a test run this fall (still no word yet on a job). For those interested in buying it's by a brand called WorkForce (real original right?) and I found it near all the screws and nails with like storage products.

Anyone else organizing this summer?

*Please excuse the cat in the pictures. I was doing this at home and she was trying to be my assistant.

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Sandy said...

Yes, I am trying to get organized for a new year. Have been a special ed. teacher since 1985 but am now getting ready to teach weekday Preschool First Friends at a church. I am very excited.
Thank you so much for sharing this. It's a great idea!