Saturday, March 28, 2009

Level II Meeting

So our level II meeting was yesterday. Loads of fun! It was kinda funny to see each cohort grouping together even though there were over 100 of us there. I also realized that we have the only 3 boys in our level in our cohort. Haha I feel bad for them sometimes, but I totally love them and I'm glad their with us!

So I, along with the rest of my cohort #3-mates have been planning on trying to get into cohort #3 again for level II. Yeah, so is everyone else we found out yesterday. There is room for 16 per cohort, and I'm gonna guess that over 50 people probably want that one.

There are a few reasons why that one is probably the pick of them all:
  1. It's the only cohort that has listed the days and times of both the interships, so you go in already knowing and not being surprised right before school starts.
  2. The days and times are the best out of all of the cohorts
  3. The biology class in cohort #3 takes place at the zoo
I'm on the third day of enrollment appointments, but the last time of the day. So that means that 7 waves of people will go before me. I think I still have a chance, but it's slim.

I'm really going to bummed if I don't make it in though. I love the idea of the bio class being at the zoo. Especially since I was unable to go on the Costa Rica trip for that class this summer.

Ugh... so be prepared for either complete excitement or complete disappointment on April 9th, sometime after 4:30.

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