Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Resource Notebook

My children's literature teacher is having us keep resource notebooks, which is good idea of course and something I meant to be doing all along, but haven't. So good motivation.

Oh course I never realized how much stuff I had! I have a 2" binder almost full just from that class alone. I plan on expanding that from just literature type resources to contain all my reading type stuff, since a lot of it is pretty much the same.

I went online a downloaded a lot of supplemental stuff also. I found lots of story maps, reading comprehension charts, reading logs, etc. So I added all those too. I need to go through and keep completing all my subjects like that. There is soooo much free stuff out there online, so especially homeschoolers, always look there first. Just googling will bring up tons of free stuff.

Of course, I just kept thinking to myself as I compiled all this stuff, and thought of all the other stuff I could compile, that I very well may not need to every purchase curriculum when I homeschool.


The yesterday while working in the lab on some group projects during class, one of my fellow classmate came across this teacher's classroom site. Wow! Talk about amazing. First off, she has an awesome and totally HUGE classroom, but also, she does some totally cool stuff with the kids, like the classroom economy. I would totally love to come hang out with this woman for a few weeks. She also has lots of resources posted on her site, so look around and check it out!

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Bjune said...

I know this is June, but I just read your post. My daughter's 6th grade teacher does the Class economics and it has spread throughout most of the school. They call it Ibbott Bucks and it works really well. Kid's get paid for out of classroom jobs as well, such as reading to lower grade students and helping in lower grade classrooms. She loves it....