Friday, March 27, 2009

Meeting Today!

We have a level II meeting today. I'm a bit curious to see what in the world they are going to talk about with us for an hour. Other than going over how to sign up for classes, which is pretty much a 20 step process (no joke). It's rather ridiculous and I'm not totally sure why it's completely necessary, but who knows. It's probably just something they decided to make up to make things more complicated.

I'm pretty sure most of my cohort (#3) is going to sign up for cohort #3 again. Haha, we all really don't want to separate. It is kind of nice how they do the cohort thing. Although a bit annoying because it means you don't choose your schedule, you are with the same people all the time. Which could be a bad thing if you don't like them all, but I love my cohort. We all get along (for the most part) which is good since there is about a million group projects you have to do. We all admit we feel like family.

So hopefully spring 09 cohort #3 will become fall 09 cohort #3!

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