Monday, April 20, 2009

Book buying!

Okay, okay, I know I've been a bit MIA for the past 10 days. Life is getting extremely crazy for me. I have lots of big things to finish up in the last 3 weeks of school. I can't believe I'm now down to less than a month. I still have some big papers to write and various other things to do. I'm honestly not totally sure how it's all going to work out.

I went to the homeschool curriculm fair out in Frederick this past Friday (yes, that's what all the cool kids do!). I had lots of fun looking and got some good ideas as well as picking up some good buys. I got lots of Dr. Seuss books, in brand new condition for just a $1, as well as some other classic titles for just a $1. I also picked up a book with ideas and worksheets for various types of stations. We only made it through one building and there were 4. I know I will definatly be going back next year!

Then Saturday was our neighborhood's yard sale. Our neighbors nextdoor did it also. They have daughters in 3rd and 2nd grade and they were selling a bunch of their books. I ended up scooping up 30 books for 35 cents a piece. Many hadn't even been opened! I was quite thrilled!

I think from now on I'll be sticking with hitting up yard sales and such for books. Seems to be better than the used bookstore I had been going to once in a while.

My personal library is now up to 75 books, and I've also out grown the tub I had been keeping everything in. See!

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